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Weakley County Sheriff's Department - Inmate Labor

The Weakley County Detention Facility provides Inmates to local Government Agencies and Non-Profit Organizations as a source of Community Service. Those Inmates that are eligible for work release may earn credit toward their sentence for each day of work provided and the Agency or Organization benefits from the free labor the inmates provide. The following is a list of the Agencies and the number of hours to each Agency by Inmates.


County Agency Hours Worked
City of Dresden
2,845 hours
City of Gleason 1,655 hours
City of Martin 306 hours
Commodities 1,405 hours
Community Service 29 hours
National Guard 288 hours
Sheriff's Department 2,615 hours
Litter Control 2,627 hours
Martin Fair Grounds 370 hours
NW TN Economic Dev. 14 hours
Senior Citizens 1,851 hours
Detention Facility 18,678 hours
WC Ambulance 42 hours
Property Assessor's Office 13 hours
Total Number of Hours 32,738 hours